General Information

Barpole whitewater rafting experience in southern Coorg’s most magnificent river, Barapole, is just off Tata’s only Tea Gardens of South Coorg, Glenlorna Tea Estate and 12 kms from Iruppu Falls., off the eastern flanks of Brahmagiri Ghats. In Kannada ‘Hole’ means river, the name of the river is Barpu. Barpu+Hole became Barapole aka Barpole. A river that vibrates with frothy white rapids at the onset of the monsoon.This is monsoon rafting only hence when all rivers are flooded, this river is ideal for rafting otherwise during summer its merely a stream one can walk through. Barapole is considered as one of the best white water rafting sections of south India.

Barapole White Water Rafting is Safe and secure for Beginners, as well as Non-Swimmers too—We have taken 72 year old granny too safely

Barpole White Water River Rafting

River rafting is one of the most popular adventure sports in the world. Since India has diverse topography and numerous rivers and tributaries gushing through its heart, it attracts uncountable numbers of adventure junkies from all around the world to be a part of the most challenging rapids and river rafting experiences. Based in South Coorg, located about 22 km from Gonikoppal Town, this place offers one of the best hub spots for people seeking adventure. However, before going for the sport that creates adrenaline rush you need to consider the guidance of an efficient river rafting outfitter who are well aware of the best routes to opt for in white water river rafting through Barpole. However we are equipped with  knowledge of the region and we can classify rapids according to the grades. We can suggest you river courses on the basis of these grades. Ace Paddlers a pioneer white water rafting outfitter  one among the best in the country operating in many best rivers of the world. We know most of the rivers like back of our hand and with decades and decades of experience with zero accident track record having served lakhs and lakhs of people safely till date.

A Brief about Various Grade of  Rapids

The rapids that are classified under

  • Grade I --- Are comparatively easy and are ideal for first-time rafters. They are small waves that do not have many obstructions and hardly poses any danger on the raft. These rapids are best enjoyed with the whole family and give a fun ride on the water. Grade II rapids are defined as moderate by International rafting standards. They constitute clear passage and very slight maneuvering is required here. These rapids categorized under
  • Grade II --- Do have some boulders and rocks but they can be avoided with right guidance and training.
  • Grade III --- Rapid that are difficult are graded as III or  III+ rapids. They create adrenaline rush and are for core adventure seekers. With an efficient guide and right equipment’s these white water river rafting feels out of this world. Of course even these are safe for beginners as well as non-swimmers with proper gear and guide.
  • Grade IV--- Requires reasonable amount of skills and good swimming knowledge to negotiate rapids, reasonable amount of risk is there even with life jackets and helmets.

Barpole Offers One of the Best White Water River Rafting Experiences

There are many rivers in India where the white water river rafting is prevalent. One of the best among them is river Barpole. The sport of navigating the river with the help of an inflatable raft is not only fascinating but also gives immense pleasure to adventure junkies. Although the sport has certain difficulties all of them can be overcome with the right guidance and it has fun. Instructor’s safety guide is one of the main things that you need to consider while going for White Water River rafting in Barpole. 

Numerous health benefits are there in taking white water river rafting trips. It plays a great role in the reduction of stress, be it a mental ailment or physical illness, river rafting can reduce stress level since it is a high level of physical activity.  While rafting through the spectacular scenery of Barpole river gives you a strange sense of satisfaction and wellbeing. You will feel motivated and energized for sure.  Consult Us for Barpole White Water River Rafting.


The Barpole Rafting can be done for up-to four months in a year depending upon the monsoon, the season typically starts from the month of June and ends in October.

1 Hour Available on request T. Shettigeri, Karnataka
What we'll give. What we won't.

What is included in the tour

  • Safety Gear
  • Safety briefing
  • Qualified Instructor
  • Pool training
  • Jeep ride from end point to start point.

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Photography & Videography at extra cost.
  • Tips
  • Change of Clothes
  • Any extra expenses
  • Towels
Amenities, things to do & places to visit
  • One of the best whitewater rafting sections of South India.
  • Near to Iruppu Falls- 20 minutes drive
  • Beautiful Tea Gardens of Coorg
  • Rajiv Gandhi National Park is close by- Wild life safari - 06:00 Hours and 15:00 Hours
  • Brahmagiri Wild Life Sanctuary
  • Mruthyunjaya Temple
Tentative itinerary
  • Report to Ace Paddlers - Barpole Rafting Camp office at KKR Junction near Tata Tea Gardens 15 minutes prior to your scheduled trip.(Please call up 9480987672 / 6361956068 and confirm your arrival on time )
  • Fill up Waiver of Liability and Medical forms, Change your dress- Confirm by making payment should you require photos and videos of Rafting trip.
  • Start off the Rafting Putin point, get in to your safety gear like Life Jackets and Helmets, get paddles.
  • Our professionals will do the Safety briefing about gear, river and instructions to follow.
  • Get into your rafts and go on with pool training sessions.
  • Once you and our guide are familiar with basic rafting skills and requirement of the trip start off on the rafting trip for the rush of your adrenaline high.
  • Navigate through exciting rapids of grade 3-3+ depending on that particular days water level, namely Morning Coffee, Grass Hopper, Ram Jaane and Big Bang in the river section of about 3-4kms and end in the beautiful Tea Gardens of Coorg.
  • Carry back your rafts and gear from Take out point to the Jeeps waiting for you.
  • Take a ride back in our Jeeps to Barpole rafting camp office through beautiful Tea Gardens
  • Change your dress, sip some steaming Coffee/Tea and collect your photos and videos(if you have confirmed by paying before the trip- However due to non avoidable circumstances/memory card corrupt we are not responsible for data/image/video losses).
  • Head back with the memories of experience of your lifetime with Ace Paddlers
Pickup point
T. Shettigeri, Karnataka View on Map