Camp stays in Chickmagalur are becoming quite popular with more and more travelers looking for something different to speak about. Besides, there are many advantages ‘that comes with a camp stay in Chickmagalur. Travelers find a homely ambience which indeed makes them more questing towards it. Coming for the pursuit of peace along with privacy, for a few days away from the regular hustle of life is fruitful with the stay in Camp Kudremukha-Bhadra

 It is located on the bank of river Bhadra situated near Sanjeva Metalu(Vashistha Theertha), Kalasa, Mudigere Taluk, Chikkmangaluru District. Originally the name of land on which Camp Kudremukha is named as Kanchinakere(Vashitha Theertha), however recently the hanging bridge was put up on river Bhadra and thereafter the place is identified as hanging bridge. The Location of Camp Kudremukha is on the edge of Dugappana Katte and is facing towards river Bhadra, in the midst of Paddy, Arrecca Plantation and Commercial crops such as Coffee, Pepper, Cardimum etc.,. The front view of Camp Kudremukha is surrounded by Annegudda(Kurni Gudda), Akkirashi Gudda, Battadarashi Gudda, Hovina Gudda, Kuduremukh Hills, Meerthi Gudda and more! Most of them are also of trekking points.

Overnight and Day Visit Available on request Hanging Bridge, Kalasa, Karnataka
What we'll give. What we won't.

What is included in the tour

  • Break-fast, Lunch, High tea & Dinner,
  • Water time on River Bhadra right in front of the Camp Kudremukha.

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Tips
  • Change of clothes
  • Towels
  • An other expenses
Amenities, things to do & places to visit

Things To Do & Places To Visit:

  • 1.5(KM)Duggapanna Katte:  Excellent view point & one can see Kudremukh peak and the entire Kalasa town from this place. Kalinga snake is supposed to be guarding the wealth of a king here. One can reach the peak by driving a jeep or by trekking.
  • 1(KM)Girijamba Temple : As per local myth, Girijamba is supposed to have come from Varanasi, ages ago to marry Kalasheswara. Girija kalyana – Wedding of Shiva & Girija is conducted every year after Deepavali.
  • 1(KM)Kallubhavi: This has 1 foot of water on a well which is full of rocks. Irrespective of the quantity of water removed the level remains constant.
  • 3(KM) Veera Narayana Swamy Temple: This temple has 800 years of history. Here the temple has a big Champaka/Sampige tree which is supposed to be more than 700 years old.
  • 12(KM)Bhadra River Rafting
  • 8 Kms rafting in Bhadra River (seasonal)
  • 12(KM)Meruthi Gudda: A breathtaking scenic view at a height of 5451 feet above sea level
  • 7(KM)Munnurpal Mahalakshmi Temple: Mahalakshmi temple has history of more than 500 years and the temple has been renovated recently
  • 15(KM)Mydhadi: An excellent view point to enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings
  • 30(KM)Ballal’s Fort: Built on the peaks at a height of 4940 feet above sea level
  • 20(KM)Kudremukh (Malleshwar): The interesting places to visit here are Lakya dam, Radhakrishna temple and a Kudremukh park
  • 15(KM)Kudremukh Peak: Excellent place for trekking, only way to reach the peak is by trekking. At the highest point, there is a small water falls and the water is ice cold. One can visit only during summer
  • 25(KM)Bhagawati Forest: Located 25 Kms from the Isiri Holiday Homes and is a dense forest. Good spot for adventurers. It is also good place for trekking
  • 28(KM)Varaha Theertha: Inside the forest with excellent place having clear water pond for picnic
  • 30(KM)Ganga Moola: Origin of three rivers – Bhadra, Netra and Thunga. Situated inside the thick forest. The origin of rivers takes place inside a cave.
  • 35(KM)Hanuman Gundi: Water falls from a height of more than 100 feet. One can bath & play in the water. Getting into water involves a little amount of trekking. One can visit this place only from October to May
  • 65(KM)Sringeri Mutt: Famous devotional location, 2 hour drive
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