General Information

Bhadra whitewater rafting and Camping experience in Chikmagalur’s most magnificent, Bhadra river valley, is just off near one of the top 8 dense forests of the world, 30 kilometers of Kudremukha National Park and 10 km from Magundi. A river that vibrates with frothy white rapids at the onset of the monsoon. This is ideal for rafting year round. Even in monsoon when all rivers are flooded, this river is ideal for rafting and during summer its a nice experience even in slow currents as there are good drops, rapids and also a natural river jacuzzi experience before you end your rafting trip. Bhadra river rafting is considered as one of the best and scenic white water rafting sections of south India.

The high adrenaline sport of navigating the river with the help of an inflatable raft is called river rafting. This sport is one of the most popular adventure sports all over the world comes with numerous difficulties and it entirely depends on the river. Rivers have rapids evolving because of sudden changes in the river height. This changes also occur due to the presence of various types of rocks large and small that remains hidden in the water. India having diverse topography along with thousands of rivers and their tributaries offer a hotspot for adventure junkies from over the world. People come to India in order to be a part of the most challenging river rafting experience.

Chikmagalur rafting is a challenging yet fun activity. All you need to remember is the instructor’s safety tips in your mind. If this activity can be done properly under the right guidance, with proper equipment’s and adhering to the international safety and ecological norms then it turns out extremely exciting and enjoyable soft adventure sport.

River rafting in Chikmagalur can be done by anyone.

River rafting in Chikmagalur is famous because of the fact that it can be done by anyone including those who are not trained in swimming and also those who are inexperienced. A 15 minutes instruction is all you need and you can enjoy the most precious time of your life. The feeling of getting splashed, riding the waves and enjoying peace and tranquility of the river is out of this world. It’s heavenly. 

Chikmagalur is full of potential geographical diversity. It has some of the most well-known rivers. The region is rich in cultural diversity along with myriad rivers gushing through the heart of the region, this place offers an exciting destination for hard-core rafters. It has huge opportunities for raters of all ages. Be it junior or experienced, everyone can learn and master the skills of river rafting here. 

When Paid the Right Attention River Rafting Can Be Immensely Enjoyable 

This most enthralling experience, however, requires certain carefulness. Right attention needs to be paid. Once you are familiar with the techniques, you will not only explore the river in a physical way but also this will give you tremendous mental satisfaction. Delving into the great depth of rivers in Chikmagalur are amazing. Not only the adrenaline boosts, but you will also get to bond with a team of people and you can share this thrilling experience with them as well. All these can change your perspective on life.

Your thirst for adventure can be satiated by river rafting Chikmagalur. The scenic beauty of Chikmagalur will give you an opportunity so that you can explore your surroundings from a whole new perspective. Adventure is not only good for your body but also for mind craving to know the unknown, mind in search of exploring the difficult paths of life. The positive change that river rafting offers can help you be more focused in life.

Bhadra White water rafting

AcePaddlers makes every effort to run a quality trip, including all the safety instructions and briefing, before and during each trip by our trained professionals. One needs to follow their instructions sincerely. Rafting is a team event and co-ordination and participation from all the members is required and appreciated. We at Bhadra river do not use Oar rafts where one just sit back and enjoy the ride and guide is going to do all the paddling. We use Paddle rafts aka Oar assisted paddle rafts. Each Raft can take up-to 8 people per raft with a professional guide and it requires involvement and active participation from all the members. One shall need to actively help paddle on the trip they choose, to successfully complete rafting trip.

1 Day Available on request Chikkamagaluru, Karnataka
What we'll give. What we won't.

What is included in the tour

  • Camping in Camping tents
  • Basic and Hygienic toilet and bathroom facilities.
  • Food: Lunch (simple veg), High Tea, Buffet dinner(Veg & Non-Veg),  Dinner and Break fast.
  • Camp fire(subject to weather conditions)
  • River Rafting
  • Safety Gear
  • Safety briefing
  • Qualified Instructor
  • Pool training
  • Ride from end point to start point in jeeps or Rickshaw
  • Trekking(guide will be provided for groups)
  • Visit to water falls(in your vehicles itself- 10 minutes hike after drive able road ends) 


What is NOT included in the tour

  • Tips
  • Change of clothes
  • Towels
  • Photography and Videography charges
  • Any other expenses
  • Cocktail snacks during campfire
  • Jeep hire charges if any
  • Any sort of internal transport except in the inclusions.
  • Any other services and activities which are not in the inclusions.
Amenities, things to do & places to visit
  • One of the best whitewater rafting sections of South India.
  • Trekking (for trekking enthusiasts there is 3-4 hour Ballalarayanadurga fort Trekking also
  • Visit to Balige Falls
  • Drive to Kyathanamakki
  • Kudremukha
  • Horanadu Annapurneshwari Temple
  • Kalaseshwara Temple Kalasa
  • Bavi konda trek
  • and lot more for enthusiasts
Tentative itinerary
  • Report to Ace Paddlers - Bhadra Camp near Balehole 
  • Check-in and Lunch
  • Fill up Waiver of Liability and Medical forms, Change your dress- Confirm by making payment should you require photos and videos of Rafting trip.
  • Start off to the Rafting Putin point, get in to your safety gear like Life Jackets and Helmets, get paddles.
  • Our professionals will do the Safety briefing about gear, river and instructions to follow.
  • Get into your rafts and go on with pool training sessions.
  • Once you and our guide are familiar with basic rafting skills and requirement of the trip start off on the rafting trip for the rush of your adrenaline high.
  • Navigate through exciting rapids of grade 3-3+ depending on that particular days water level.
  • Carry back your rafts and gear from Take out point to the Jeeps waiting for you.
  • Take a ride back in our Jeeps to Bhadra rafting camp office.
  • Change your dress, sip some steaming Coffee/Tea and collect your photos and videos(if you have confirmed before the trip).
  • Head back to Campsite with the memories of experience of your lifetime with Ace Paddlers
  • Evening with High Tea, CampFire
  • Dinner and relax in Camping tents( Proper toilet and bathing facilities available at camp site)
  • Day 2:
  • Morning Coffee/Tea
  • Trek to Ranijhari(for people who want bit more of trekking then one can trek to BallalarayanaDurga Fort)
  • Back to camp site to lunch
  • Visit to Balige falls.
  • Depart back with memories of the lifetime.


Itinerary is customized for each group based on their arrival time and departure time(of course it would cover all of those activities in the itinerary.

Pickup point
Kalasa Balehonnur Rd, Karnataka 577179, India View on Map