Adventure and Camping in Chikmagalur

A beautiful single sheltered hill lying in the bosom of nature surrounded by coffee estates and waterfalls is a prime location for adventure junkies. This place not only offers numerous adventure sports, but also here you can enjoy camping, bird watching, wildlife viewing, and trekking. Here you can enjoy rafting trips accompanied by kayaking throughout the day. The Bhadra River flows here offering a serene, peaceful yet an adventurous environment.

A Brief about Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur town is located in the district of Chikmagalur in the Indian state of Karnataka. This place is wrapped in numerous surprises. From delightful dales to magnificent hills to racing rivers to cascading waterfalls, what not? This place offers so much that an adventurous soul is sure to fall for this place over and over again. From here you can climb at the top of the world where mountains are touching the sky. Or else you can witness the splendid view of the snow-white coffee blossoms. For adding adventure this hilly district also offers various water sports that you will love to do.

A Lot of Camping Opportunities Are There At Chikmagalur

This place also offers a lot of camping opportunities. We all know how thrilling is camping. When you spend time in the outdoors it gives immense pleasure to your mind and soul.  Taking part in activities like walking, hiking or jogging helps you to stay fit. Activities like swimming and kayaking are also helpful since it gives you the workout you miss regularly. Not only physical benefits also it has numerous mental benefits since it can reduce stress and depression often caused by the fast city life. All you need is a day in nature for getting fully refreshed. The peace and serenity that nature offers are enough to give minds calmness and peace.

The feeling of being in a stage where we can think, appreciate simple things of life can give us a new perspective on our lives. Camping gives us that time to think, to rest in the bosom of nature. It gives us a strange emotional rest from all the stresses of everyday life. With everyone so busy with their respective digital world, camping provides a place where we can interact with our friends and families, spend quality time. Chikmagalur also has many temples which give the place a serene, mystical feel.

Camping is often seen as a luxury these days which does not fit in today’s connected world. These days’ people stay indoors being stuck to an electronic device. Camping at Chikmagalur is a way by which you can connect to nature which is not possible when you surf the internet. What are you wondering? Book your tickets for adventure and camping in Chikmagalur, adventure Chikmagalur, Camping Chikmagalur, and adventure tours in Chikmagalur now and enjoy all the adventure this beautiful place has in store. 

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