Sita River Rafting

Lush green forests, free flowing rivers, unforgettable experience, and an opportunity for nature lovers and outdoor adventure enthusiasts to explore and experience one of the best south Indian show cases in the westernghats of India. Originating from the virgin evergreen forests of the third highest rainfall(mean annual rainfall is 6000 mm) place in India, AGUMBE, River Sita forges its course of over 60kms, to offer one of the exciting and thrilling white water experiences of South India.

Our friendly knowledgeable staff is committed to give you the most enjoyable, safest white water rafting vacation possible. Our office and store staff is always happy to help you plan your white water trip or answer any questions you may have. Our experienced guides will make your river trip fun and exciting while emphasizing safety.

Come Experience The Adrenalin Rush on White Waters Of River Sita! Ace Paddlers means you are safe and secure with real professionals around.
Sita rafting is safe for beginners & non-swimmers also.


It is located in Udupi district, the major portion from 13ТА29′ to 13ТА37’N Latitude and 74ТА59′ to 75ТА05’E longitude and the smaller portion from 13ТА28′ to 13ТА31’N latitude and 74ТА56′ to 75ТА00’E longitude. Altitude varies from 75 to 870 m, the highest point being situated on the northeastern edge of the sanctuary. Temperatures range from 20ТА to 37ТАC, and mean annual rainfall is 6000 mm.

The sanctuary has evergreen, semi evergreen and moist deciduous forests. The trees of the evergreen forests include Terminalia painculata, Machilus macrantha, Lophopetalum wightianum, Mangifera indica, Hopea parviflora, Artocarpus hirsuta and Cinnamomum sp. Dalbergia Latifolia, Terminalia, represents the moist deciduous forests tomentosa, Lagerstroemia Lanceplata, Schleichera oleosa, Dillenia penbtagyna and Careya arborea. Apart from plantations of teak, eucalyptus, casurina and cashew, there are also some mixed plantations of native species such as Bombax, Sterculia, Ailanthus etc.

Mammals in the sanctuary include leopard, wild dog, jackal, gaur, wild pig, sambar, spotted deer, barking deer, lion tailed macaque, bonnet macaque and common langur. Reptiles are represented by King Cobra, flying lizard(Draco), python and monitor lizard. Interesting birds in the sanctuary include Malabar trogon, Ceylon frogmouth, Malabar pied hornbill and Malabar whistling thrush.
Sita Rafting Packages :- ALL COST IS PER PERSON BASIS


Rafting (“Fly Catcer” 12 km Run) INR 2875/- per person
Rafting (“Cobra” 22 km Run) INR 3600/- per person

Note: The package rate is subject to changes without any prior notice. The above package does not include any kind of transport, accommodation, food.

Note:Internal transportation i.e. From nature camp to the trekking place or to the starting point of rafting is not included, Can be arranged on request and on extra cost. Transport is provided by the management back to the camp after finishing rafting.

PACKAGE 2: INR 4900/- per person

• Package includes one night stay at dormitory in sitanadi nature camp,
veg food(B.F, Lunch, Dinner, B.F, Lunch)
• Non-Veg on request and at actual cost
• Please do not expect luxury as it is adventure activity based camp
• Alcohol & smoking is prohibited in the camp
• Rafting timings can only be tentatively confirmed on the previous day of
your date of stay.
• All payments should be done in advance with full amount
• Other Charges to be paid at the camp is the VEHICLE ENTRY which is
not added in any of the Above packages JEEP/CAR / LCV—–50