Swap your concrete confines into the vibrant hues of untouched natures at its best

Gurgling streams

Rushing rivers

Towering trees

Chirping birds

Its jungle all the way at the heavenly Pookola Homestay nestled at the foot hills of Bramhagiri range of forest in the Western ghats. Pookola Homestay at Coorg blends with the evergreen virgin forest and lets one experience the nature at its best!

A chalky steel grey river rushes through the resort fed by the streams that tumble out of unknown crevices hidden high up in the lap of the mountains.

At one point, the gushing streams converge and form a natural swimming pool. Being the most dense evergreen forest in Coorg, it is a bird watcher’s paradise. We offer endless activities to indulge your every interest.

Nature lovers can explore walking trails. Trekking to the top of Nadu Kanni peak. (Which literally translated means NADU – TOWN KANNI SEE). That is because one can see some towns of Kerala and can also have panoramic views of the landscape.

We provide mountain bikes if you are keen on visiting all the spectacular view points in a short time span.

It is one of the resort in Coorg to have Zipline for the adventurous to experience the adrenaline rush in the lap of nature at its best. River rafting is also there but seasonal.

Nature trekking in the gurgling streams is an experience by itself. You can wade through the gushing crystal clear streams. Streams with enormous boulders is something you don’t experience in any water theme parks. From the youngest to the oldest, the bubble streams thrill even the modest.

A swim in the chemical free natural pool soothes the body and calms the mind. Tents are optional for those who want to be one with the serene nature. At nightfall you can be around the campfire by the river. Cozy cottages are comfortable and hospitality is at its best. Lip smacking eco foods top the menu.

Pookola Homestay boasts of having tea plantations (only one in Coorg) and Nagaraholae wild life sanctuary is in its vicinity. It is Pookola Homestay where the beautiful nature at its best not only seems to be an intoxicant but also acts as a relaxant!!!