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Barpole whitewater rafting experience in southern Coorg’s most magnificent river,  Barapole,  is just off  Tata’s only Tea Gardens of South Coorg,  Glenlorna Tea Estate and 12 kms from Iruppu Falls., off the eastern flanks of Brahmagiri Ghats.  In Kannada  ‘Hole’ means river,  the name of the river is Barpu. Barpu+Hole became Barapole aka Barpole. A river that vibrates with frothy white rapids at the onset of the monsoon.This is monsoon rafting only hence when all rivers are flooded, this river is ideal for rafting otherwise during summer its merely a stream one can walk through. Barapole is considered as one of the best white water rafting sections of south India.


The Barpole Rafting can be done for up-to nine months in a year depending upon the monsoon, the season typically starts from the month of June and ends in October.

Check-lists and registration form,  for all the participants:


Download your pictures: Barpole Rafting Pictures-2015

Barpole Rafting Location, directions and  approximate distance.

To get the distance and directions from your place,

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Note: If  for some reason, the GoogleMaps fails to load the embedded Barpole Map,  use this weblink,  Barpole Acepaddlers Office.

Barpole Rafting point

Can also SCAN the above QR_Code using  a QR_Code/Barcode scanner and open it using “Maps” from your Smartphone to get directions to  Acepaddlers, Barpole Rafting point.

Barapole White water rafting

AcePaddlers makes every effort to run a quality trip, including all the safety instructions and briefing, before and during each trip by our trained professionals.  One needs to follow their instructions sincerely.  Rafting is a team event and co-ordination and participation from all the members is required and appreciated. We at Barpole do not use Oar rafts where one just sit back and enjoy the ride and guide is going to do all the paddling. We use Paddle rafts aka Oar assisted paddle rafts. Each Raft can take up-to 8 people per raft  with a professional guide and  it requires involvement and active participation from all the members.  One shall need to actively help paddle on the trip they choose, to successfully complete rafting trip.

Do I need to know swimming for rafting?

It is NOT mandatory or a must that,  one should be knowing swimming.  Barpole rafting is safe for beginners and non-swimmers as well.  Our Personal Floatation Devices shall  keep the non-swimmers afloat, even in turbulent sections of Barpole. Seek medical advice if you are pregnant, significantly overweight or in a poor physical condition. Apart from this, it is your responsibility to evaluate your level of fitness and to select a trip which is appropriate. For your own safety, rafting is strictly not allowed,  if one is under the influence of alcohol or is intoxicated by any other means.

Duration of rafting, section and grade and type of Rapids.

Rafting trip at Barpole  is for about One and a Half to three hours depending on the water level on that particular day. The International Scale of River Difficulty has classified the river for waters sports into  six categories, each referred to as “Grade” or “Class” followed by a number. Often a river or rapid will be given a numerical grade, and then a plus (+) or minus (-) to indicate if it is in the higher or lower end of the difficulty level. Barpole has Grade of rapids III + sections and there are five major rapids. You shall experience the first rapid after about half a kilometer  of paddling.  The first rapid is named Morning Coffee – a grade II, and there after you get the Grass Hopper –  a grade III,  Ramba Samba – a grade II,  Wicked Witch – a grade III, and lastly the turbulent and enormous one named The Big Bang –  a grade III+.  You shall be brought back to the base-camp where you  shall change and refresh yourselves.

Ace Paddlers Adventure trip Photos

On most of the river trips, a professional photographer captures all the white water rafting action. You can view and purchase photos after your trip, but we do not promise to take photos on every trip, if you are looking for the same, please check with us and get confirmed. Also, one can give their camera to any of our staff and ask them to take pictures at the last rapid.


Other water-sports and adventure activities.

Apart from the main rafting event, one can also do

  • Pool paddling,
  • Pool Kayaking,
  • Challenging rope courses and
  • Wild life safari ride.

Come Experience The Adrenalin Rush on White Waters Of River Barpole!.  Ace Paddlers means you are safe and secure with top notch professionals around…..

Reservation and booking

Reservation and pre-booking is advised as rafting can be done for a limited duration in a given day and is subject to availability.

South Coorg Activities and stay

Activity Tariff (Exclusive of service taxes) Pay Here
Barpole Rafting INR 1200/Person/trip
Home stay + food INR 1800/person/day
Still water Paddling(water time)-1 hour INR 450/person
River pool kayaking(Basic white water kayak lessons)- 1 hour INR 600/person/hour
Challenge rope courses (4 activities) INR 800/person
Wild Life safari(Wyanad or Nagaraholae). (Min. of 4 persons) INR 750/person

Barapole is located at about 252 kms from Bangalore and 107 kms from Mysore.
Note: Accommodation at Homestays include veg & non-veg food. Please note these are not resorts and food timing has to be followed and additional food requests are considered, subject to availiability and at extra cost


Checklist and other info


  • melwyn monis

    My friend and me had planned for rafting at river Barpole. I came across Acepaddlers as one of the options for undertaking this adventure and I am glad to have shared my rafting experience with them.
    The entire crew of Acepaddlers is super friendly and professional. Right from Soumya answering all my questions and planning the event till Sashi our instructor of the event; each of them have played an important role in this memorable trip. You’ll made us feel so comfortable and relaxed and helped my friend even overcome his Aquaphobia. This rafting experience was special as we were given ample time and lessons on the proper techniques of rafting.

    We thoroughly enjoyed each and every moment of our rafting experience and would like to say a special “THANK YOU” to each one of you for giving us cherished memories.

    Am looking forward to another experience and hoping it will be as good as this one.


  • We are glad to know that you had a wonderful time rafting at Barpole with Acepaddlers. It was our pleasure to have you folks here as adventure enthusiasts. Looking forward to see you folks in the future.

  • Channabasappa Heralgi

    If someone ask me as what are your life’s BEST MOMENTS…. Then I would definitely say that “River Rafting @ Barpole”.
    Every minute spent here was just awesome, right from Soumya making calls to last click in my camera. The kind of hospitality and care taken was simply superb!!!. Also the necessary arrangements at Stay Home and Instructions given by Sashi & his Team during Rafting was most enjoyable.

    I would defiantly come again and have rafting again!!!

  • We are delighted to be part of the Best moments of your life. It is our constant endeavour at Acepaddlers to provide the best of experience we can, to all our adventure enthusiasts. Looking forward to meet you again in the future.

  • Channabasappa Heralgi

    I would continue to come again with my 3 Year son.. so that he also would enjoy the beauty of nature and river. Also I am very much thankful to the Uncle who took lot of care about us at home stay. I feel that I am very lucky to meet the caption of Hockey Team…. A big thanks to uncle from all of our 3 friends.

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