About Us

AcePaddlers, were an associate organisation for the General Thimmaya National Academy of Adventure(GETNAA) of the Govt. of Karnataka.

Our professional guides as well as support staff  are dedicated and passionate about what we do,  we are well trained, qualified, reliable and experienced with a clean record of safety. The equipments and gears used are state of the art  and are of international safety standards and practice.

We at AcePaddlers  are of NOLS, USA certified Wilderness First Responders [very advanced First Aid] and CPR & Rescue 3 certifiedswift water rescue professionals with exceptionally high safety track record with zero accident history and all the guides will have undergone a high standard skill set screening before becoming part of the AcePaddlers. We do not compromise on safety and services, hence we allow the people of age group of 10 years and above(ofcourse we have taken 72 year old granny too safely) in our white water operations, and 6 years and above on other aqua sports activities. We are proud to have taken with us around 82000+ people in past 20+ years safely.

We are also into social service. i.e a significant portion of our revenue is spent on Youth Empowerment Programs organized for students and rural youth. Where they will go through personality development workshop and themes like conservation, waste management, alternative and renewable energies.

AcePaddlers provide people with the real life time memorable experience through white water rafting at Barpole, Coorg and many other rivers in India. We at Ace Paddlers give priority to utmost safety of every adventure enthusiast in our aqua & allied adventure sports.

 All the adventure enthusiasts will be taken through a pre-activity session, which includes mandatory, important and required safety briefing along with the rafting basics which will help you prepare for any self-rescue during your white water rafting ride, or any other aqua sports.   All the participants shall be provided with the safety gear and are required to wear at all the times during the activity. We check, cross check the gears, for your safe, secure and snug fit. This will boost your confidence to go through a never before kind of electrifying, rejuvenating rush of adrenalin which will charge your adventure taste buds for lifetime.
Hence we vouch on safety as we have done through past, for decades during our programs. We are passion driven people putting whole and soul to serve you better, provide quality experience and of course adventure is a calculated risk, which we do it on behalf of you to ensure your safety.

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Experience the group of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your whitewater rafting experience memorable for your life time.

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